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Research in Focus

Explore FAQs and comprehensive articles to learn more about the science behind BioSpec formulas. These posts summarize current research and human trials, and include references. When investigating therapeutic options, consider the evidence in support of nutritional intervention.

For more general information and benefits of specific nutrients, see Ingredient Highlights.

Neuropathy Awareness Week

Diabetic Neuropathy: Pathophysiology and Therapeutic Approaches By Dr. Melissa Mitchell, DC, CFMP Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness Week is observed in early May each year. An estimated 30 million people in the United States alone experience symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, which is a condition most commonly related to diabetes. Considering diabetes mellitus (DM) is...
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JANUARY: National Glaucoma Awareness Month

Glaucoma is a leading cause of irreversible blindness around the world. The most common form of glaucoma in the US and worldwide is age related, open-angle glaucoma, which is the form most typically identified when discussing the disease.1 Over time, a buildup of pressure within the eye damages the...
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NEWSLETTER – AUG 2020 – Methylation

Methylation plays a part in so many physiologic processes and when altered, can contribute to the progression of cardiovascular and neurological diseases, and other health issues. Factors such as environmental toxins, heavy metals, medications, stress, diet, infection and inflammation can all affect methylation capacity.
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JUNE: Men’s Health Month

By Dr. Melissa Mitchell, DC, CFMP The month of June is a time in which fathers are celebrated, so it is fitting that June is also the time in which we honor men’s health.  A health issue on the forefront of male health is the depletion of testosterone. The...
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