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BioSpec Member Benefits & Resources

Public and professional BioSpec membership is FREE. Members have access to free resources, educational literature, consultation services, product samples and special offers, plus other tools and incentives to facilitate personal and professional healthcare goals.

Available to the Public, Catered to Practitioners and their Patients

As part of BioSpec’s mission to facilitate healthy doctor-patient relationships, BioSpec offers a variety of educational content explaining the science behind nutritional supplementation, and other condition-specific information to support functional and complementary medicine.

BioSpec offers nutritional products and resources to support a better understanding of clinical nutrition in practice. General information is available to the public via BioSpec’s website and social media outlets. Patient Resources and more in-depth content is available to all BioSpec members, while exclusive Practitioner Resources featuring more technical information is available only to qualified healthcare professional and their staff.

Registered members can sign in to access Patient Resources online. BioSpec’s monthly News & Science newsletter, and Patient Perspectives blog for condition-specific case studies, are also emailed to subscribers.


Free Patient Membership

Patients do not need to be affiliated with a BioSpec Practitioner to qualify for membership. We do, however, encourage individuals to invite their practitioner to register for BioSpec Membership enabling in-clinic purchases, free product samples, printed literature and other incentives. Both patients and practitioners can benefit from BioSpec membership!


  • Special offers – promotional gifts & rewards, emailed to subscribers
  • Educational Information – vitamins, minerals & amino acid basics; medical & nutritional science behind formulas; condition-specific factors & health risks; wellness plan recommendations
  • Healthy Eating & Diet Plans – condition-specific dietary recommendations; weight-management eating plans; mindful eating hints & tips
  • Fitness Plans – cardio (walk, swim, aerobics); strength (weights, resistance training); other specific exercise plans and recommendations
  • Mindful Health & Hygiene Recommendations – sleep, posture, yoga, meditation, etc.
  • Additional Tools & Tips – apps & devices, support groups & online communities, and other Member Benefits from BioSpec including a Patient Folder with checklists & other materials to help plan and follow through with personalized plans

Free Practitioner Membership

Once registered with BioSpec, qualified Practitioners have full access to both patient and practitioner resources. Free educational brochures and product samples, professional consultations, reseller incentives, and other B2B support services are also available to BioSpec Practitioners.


  • Access to Patient Content – linked lists of well-established diet & exercise plans, health & hygiene options, additional tools & tips
  • Protocols – nutritional protocols with technical and factual information for guidance integrating nutritional supplementation
  • Technical Literature –white papers, supporting data behind condition-specific formulas with sources cited
  • Recommended Reading – Clinical Updates, Curated Medical & Nutritional Science Journals, other industry news & articles, BioSpec Newsletter & Original Publications
  • Presentations – videos & slideshows, archived webinars
  • B2B Support – Patient Folder with printed literature, Checklists & other Engagement Materials, Professional Reseller Programs, Referral Programs, MAPP pricing policies, Consultation Services
  • Other Useful links – additional resources available online, typically supported or affiliated with BioSpec Nutritionals and its parent company Practitioner Supply Co., Inc.