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About BioSpec Nutritionals

Our Foundation

BioSpec Nutritionals, a division of Practitioner Supply Co, LLC, has remained family owned and operated since 1997. With over 20 years serving Healthcare Professionals and their patients our philosophy remains rooted in a foundation of Service, Science, and Results.


Providing the highest level of service is never subject to compromise at BioSpec. Though increasing automation and communication technologies continue to diversify and expand the capabilities by which customer service is possible, we remain committed to a level of human service that technology cannot replace. At BioSpec we do not employ automated technologies or impose rigid policies that prevent our representatives from ensuring the highest degree of service in this industry. We believe in supporting the success of healthcare practitioners who trust the efficacy of our products, and thus offer a variety of free educational materials and other support programs to facilitate continued practice growth and enhanced patient outcomes. We are fully confident that your experiences with our customer service representatives, scientific staff, and the overall flexibility by which we adapt to satisfy the needs of your practice will serve to establish a new standard for how a nutritional company should operate.


First and foremost, BioSpec is an evidence-based company. When developing our nutritional formulas we approach research with an attitude of healthy skepticism, acknowledging that every study involving a nutritional compound or ingredient is not without its limitations. We recognize and understand that nutritional research can be misleading when presented outside the context of science-based organizations or misinterpreted by those who lack the training to accurately translate results to plausible clinical interventions.As part of our mission BioSpec remains committed to reputable science, as reflected by our continuously improving formulas and educational materials that we share with healthcare professionals and the public. It is our hope that you come to recognize BioSpec as a trusted source of information, covering a variety of important health / nutritional topics and research supporting the use of specific nutritional protocols among patient populations.


A nutritional formula may never serve everyone equally, though it is our expectation that every formula facilitate a more robust expression of health. The shifting paradigm of individualized medicine, a product of recent developments in genetic and epigenetic research, presents unique challenges when developing formulas for the health of different populations, some with very specific needs. Remaining versed in the various underlying biological considerations and causes of dysfunction among most individuals allows us to develop effective formulas for the majority of cases expressing similar ailments. Nutritional medicine is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, though awareness of epidemiological trends and population statistics enables us to affect the greatest number of patients to the largest degree possible. We remain completely confident in the results patients will experience with BioSpec, which speak louder than any explanation we can offer.

Clinical Focus

Because we deal predominantly with Healthcare Practitioners, our products are developed to address the conditions encountered most often in clinical practice, with a focus on balancing molecular mechanisms that initiate or perpetuate dysfunction. Our approach is one of ‘upstream’ biology, addressing cellular dysfunction before it can manifest in diagnoses that require more serious medical attention. We firmly believe in the body’s innate ability to heal when provided the necessary support.

Manufacturing & Quality Control

Quality control (QC) continues to be a major selling-point for professional-brand companies, yet cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) can vary between brands and products within the scope of FDA regulations. One of the primary concerns among practitioners hoping to offer their patients the most effective and high-quality formulas available is the degree of testing in relation to identity, purity, and potency of ingredients.

BioSpec Nutritionals is a cGMP compliant brand registered with the FDA. As our company has grown, so have our tiers of QC and the scope of our testing practices, which will continue to evolve as we expand operations.

The following QC practices are currently included as part of BioSpec’s cGMP guidelines:

  • All raw materials tested for identity, potency, microbial contaminants, heavy metals, and solvents
  • Annual third-party audits of manufacturing facilities to ensure cGMP guideline compliance
  • All finished products tested by third-party labs for heavy metals (including mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and lead)
  • Specific audit schedules of product ingredients to ensure identity and potency of finished products

Should you ever have questions about the quality of any BioSpec formulas, a member of our QC staff will always be available to discuss your concerns.

Professional Accounts

Establishing a professional account with us is easy; all we require is your name, address, phone number and professional credentials (license #). There are no minimums on purchases and virtually all orders are shipped the same day. We serve all forms of Healthcare Practitioners: Chiropractors, Naturopaths, MDs, Acupuncturists, Nutritionists, Physical Therapists, and other qualified healthcare providers.

  • All BioSpec product information and literature is free. Catalogs and Patient Brochures serve as excellent selling and educational tools.
  • Professional members also have exclusive access to white papers, nutritional protocols, videos, publications and other resources to become more informed of scientific / nutritional developments and the evidence behind BioSpec formulas.
  • Drop shipping is available upon request without additional charge, though some limitations may apply.
  • Consultation with scientific staff or onsite practitioners is available through appointment at no additional charge.

To establish a BioSpec wholesale account please call 1-800-825-7921 or request wholesale online.

Money Back Guarantee

Our return policy requires little explanation, as it was created with a practitioner’s best interests in mind. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our service and products, or your money back.

All BioSpec Nutritionals formulas are manufactured in the USA under strict cGMP guidelines. Products are audited by 3rd party labs to ensure purity and potency.