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Custom Formulations

While we have total confidence in our ability to satisfy all the nutritional needs of your practice, we also understand that certain products may not be available within our extensive inventory or wholesale network. Furthermore, the expanding library of nutritional research often yields novel ingredient combinations and doses which are difficult to find, or unavailable from a brand you trust. In these instances, we offer the option of custom manufactured products. With this option, our expert staff guides you and/or your employees from initial formula discussion to product delivery, while ensuring your satisfaction throughout. We keep you appraised of raw material costs and options, packaging requirements, product labeling specifications and design in order to create a final product that you and your patients will appreciate.

We believe you’ll be surprised with how easy and economical custom manufactured products can be!

Process Involved in BioSpec’s Custom Formulation Program

  • We begin by discussing your ideal formula and the purpose for which it’s intended, including dosage, bottle quantity, form (tablet, capsule, powder, etc.), and anything else.
  • Raw material costs are discussed and a final formula and quantity are decided.
  • We manufacture the formula to meet your exact specifications and package the product under your professional label. We can assist with label design work if necessary.
  • Minimum production requirements are typically 50,000 tablets or capsules, which equates to a 36-48 bottle per month commitment depending on bottle quantity.
  • We do not require in-depth contract or extensive up-front costs; 25% is due when production begins and the remainder upon completion and shipping.
  • In most cases we require an 8 week lead-time for the initial order. Thereafter, future orders can usually be completed in 4-5 weeks.
  • As with anything else, larger orders and/or other factors that economize the production process will result in even lower prices.

We realize there are numerous manufacturers who will make products for you; but the production minimums, up-front costs, label set-up and formula restrictions can all be prohibitive. BioSpec has created a Custom Formulation Program involving a relatively low-risk process with significant ROI projections, ideal for practitioners offering integrated supplementation to more patients.

Please let us know if this program makes sense for your practice. We would like nothing more than to continue to build our relationship with you, help you grow your practice, in turn helping more patients.