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BioSpec Nutritional Products: Connecting Theory & Science with Clinical Practice

BioSpec offers over 60 nutraceutical products, along with member services and resources to support Practitioner and Patient education. BioSpec products include Daily Support and Signature Series designations for clinical use. Additionally, Custom Formulation services are available for practitioners interested in developing their own formula(s) for any reason.

Silver Label: Signature Series

‘Signature Series’ products from BioSpec include unique, scientifically innovative formulas tailored to the underlying metabolic and cellular imbalances that lead to dysfunction in most patients today.

BioSpec Signature Series formulas represent an evidence-based and philosophical approach to clinical nutrition. The inclusion of clinically documented standardized herbal extracts, botanicals, and the proper ratios of vitamins, minerals, and other constituents are a foundation of any Signature Series formula. While the philosophical basis of Signature Series formulas may never change – evidence-based, synergistic, and clinically potent – the formulas themselves are continuously subjected to improvements with the availability of superior ingredients and/or new supporting research. As such, the designation of II, III, IV, and so on may follow an existing formula name. Most Signature Series formulas are developed to address the underlying chemical and metabolic imbalances that contribute to dysfunction and disease in the general population. Potency, purity, practicality, and pricing are essential considerations in every Signature Series formula. Signature Series formulas may be used on an ongoing or intermittent basis, depending on the condition or specific needs of a patient.

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Burgundy Label: Daily Support

‘Daily Support’ formulas from BioSpec include various combinations of essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, enzymes, and amino acids for maintaining optimum nutritional status and health.

As the name implies, Daily Support formulas are intended for optimizing physiological activity, addressing dietary insufficiencies, and facilitating body homeostasis in times of illness or additional nutritional requirements. BioSpec Daily Support formulas include clinically effective blends of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, enzymes, and amino acids, which can be utilized as part of a custom wellness protocol. Unlike Signature Series formulas, which typically coincide with specific imbalances or conditions, Daily Support formulas may be more applicable to supporting general health.

When using Daily Support formulas on a continuous basis, care should always be taken to understand ingredient properties or nutritional/drug interactions, and for the purpose of enhancing outcomes or avoiding potential complications. As a professional nutraceutical brand, we always encourage consumers to consult a knowledgeable Healthcare Professional when considering any nutritional intervention incorporating BioSpec, or any brand of nutritional products.

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Your Label: Custom Formulation

‘Custom Formulation’ is available to Practitioners interested in developing their own formula, or line of self-branded nutritional products.

We understand that every practice has unique needs which are not always satisfied by existing formulas. Custom formulation allows you to create the ideal formula(s) for the specific needs of your patients, with access to the same cGMP practices we apply to all BioSpec products. You may be surprised with how easy and economical your own line of custom products can be!

We invite practitioners to call us about the viability of ‘Custom Formulation’, or email info@biospecnutritionals.com to schedule a free consultation, for any reason.

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Shop A-Z: How to order products from BioSpec Nutritionals


BioSpec offers 5 ways to order:

  1. Visit our PUBLIC store to buy online. Open to the public. No account needed.
  2. Login to our PRACTITIONER store for reseller rates. Pro Account needed. Register here.
  3. Email your sales representative directly. Attached sheet, doc, or pdf with order details.
  4. Fax to 262-379-1672. Include cover sheet with clinic info and completed order form.
  5. Call 1-800-825-7921 for product guidance, and to place orders by phone. 
    note: Pro Members may also request FREE brochures and product samples for their patients.


Thank you for considering BioSpec Nutritionals for your clinical supplement needs. 
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